Hissings From the Lizardís Tongue

by Dafydd ab Hugh

The Lizard's Tongue

Regular hissings from the forked and flicking tongue of Dafydd ab Hugh, prime lizard of Big Lizards.

  • 1 The Great Civilizer
    Marriage between a man and a woman is the great civilizer of males... can we really say the same for same-sex marriage?
  • 2 This Bloody Fight's Been Rigged!
    Todd Manzi argues in Human Events that the dogpile on William Bennett for his controversial abortion reductio ad absurdum was "staged." A lie, perhaps -- but staged?
  • 3 Who Are We Fighting For Anyway?
    Are the neocons right that the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars are in America's interest? Or should we listen to the paleocons who want us to withdraw our troops from all these "foreign entanglements" and just defend the dadblamed country?
  • 4 Are We Really at War With "All Islam?"
    Some people claim we're really at war with all Islam. But are we? What exactly would that mean, anyway? And what would be the consequences were we to take this road?