Welcome to Big Lizards (Home)!

At last, it's here! The first boxed set of Brad Linaweaver's infamous Der Krapp bad-movie review column, seventeen fun-filled forays into fantabulously fouled-up freakshow films, is now available for your reading, er, pleasure. Click Movies in the navigation bar at the top of the page and just follow the links!

The first actual content outside the blog is now available! It's the first installment of Dafydd ab Hugh's column, The Lizard's Tongue. You can reach it via the Articles page (click Articles in the navigation bar at the top of the page), from the drop-down menu in the sidebar on the right.

Please enjoy the blog while you wait with breathless breath and baited hook for the rest of this fershlugginer web site. It really will be coolsomeness personified, the very apex of intelligent web design, when it's done. I promise.

Some of the features that will forthcome or may be here already:

  • Articles on science, science fiction, politics, and politics fiction. Be the first on your block to read about the three inventions that will change the world, and why everything you know about the future of politics is wrong!
  • The first boxed set of the infamous Der Krapp is now available! Brad Linaweaver's mirthful merry-go-round of the monsters, maniacs, and mad scientists that haunt the B-movies of Hollywood's past, unseen for decades by human eyes (though perhaps not other eyes — vast, cool, and unsympathetic) . Thrill to Bela, Boris, and Zombies On Broadway!
  • The wonderful series of two articles (well, a short series) by Sachi, direct from Cult Movies, about Japanese science fiction, horror, and supernatural films (but not about giant monsters): she calls it Everything But the Lizards.
  • The finest fiction from fabulous fellows such as Dafydd ab Hugh, Brad Linaweaver — and even from Dafydd ab Hugh & Brad Linaweaver!
  • Sachi's World: visit the mysterious Orient, assuming you're able to read Japanese. And if you're not, Sachi usually translates the juiciest bits into English. The first several chapters of Sachi's Grand Canyon travelogue is now available... but only in Japanese. English language version to come later!
  • Phenomenal Phacts, PhAQs, and Phlix worthy of (naturally) a PhD (which none of us has).

So check back often. There will be announcements in the blog as different parts of the site come online. Spread the word!