Welcome to Big Lizards (Fiction)!

At the moment, everything in this site is under construction, except for the blog... which you can reach by clicking the word "Blog" in the navigation bar up top, as you might expect.

Please enjoy the blog while you wait with breathless breath and baited hook for the rest of this fershlugginer web site. It really will be coolsomeness personified, the very apex of intelligent web design, when it's done. I promise.

At least two of the contributers to this site, Brad Linaweaver and Dafydd ab Hugh, purport to be science-fiction writers. Somehow, they have bamboozled a number of publishers into putting out books of their scribblings... and worse, actually paying Linaweaver and ab Hugh for such tomes!

Being a pair of narcissistic egomaniacs, they will eventually put some of their published science fiction, fantasy, and adventure fiction up in this section for you to read. Occasionally, they may put up bits and nibbles of works in progress, along with the home address and nighttime telephone number of a number of New York editors, so readers can call them up at two o'clock in the morning and tell them to acquire said work in progress and offer a gargantuan advance.

So check back often. There will be announcements in the blog as different parts of the site come online. Spread the word!