Welcome to Big Lizards (State of Mind)!

At the moment, everything in this site is under construction, except for the blog... which you can reach by clicking the word "Blog" in the navigation bar up top, as you might expect.

Please enjoy the blog while you wait with breathless breath and baited hook for the rest of this fershlugginer web site. It really will be coolsomeness personified, the very apex of intelligent web design, when it's done. I promise.

This page will eventually contain -- very eventually, as we need to acquire both the technology and the studio time for no more cost than we can earn selling our own blood -- the syndicated, streaming-audio, internet radio show State of Mind, in which Brad Linaweaver and Dafydd ab Hugh will interview noted experts... usually Dafydd ab Hugh and Brad Linaweaver. In other words, it will be the internet version of the Brad and Dafydd show, which has been frequently avoided at conventions all over the United States.

So check back often. There will be announcements in the blog as different parts of the site come online. Spread the word!