June 26, 2017

Who Radicalized the British Right?

Hatched by Sachi

Huffington Post UK's columnist Sabby Dhalu is furious that conservative Tommy Robinson was invited to speak on Good Morning Britain, on June 20th, hosted by our "dear friend," Piers Morgan. Ms. Dhalu depicts Robinson as a hateful, racist Nazi, who was given a platform to speak a mere 24 hours after Englishman Darren Osborn ran over several Moslem worshippers in Finsbury Park.

As Paul Harvey would say, "now, the rest of the story..."

Back on May 22nd, Salman Ramadan Abedi, a British citizen in Manchester blew himself and 22 innocents into "paradise." In response, on June 11th, Tommy Robinson organized a march against the suicide bombing.

Moslem supporters naturally portrayed Robinson's march as mere "Islamaphobia," calling it a violent demonstration. Dahlu is still fuming about that march:

Pigs heads - in order to offend and provoke Muslims - and glass bottles were thrown at anti-fascist demonstrators opposing Robinson’s thugs. Earlier that day [English Defense League] supporters attacked a Mosque in Manchester and intimidated worshippers. This was a cynical attempt to exploit the Manchester attack in order to build support for a racist and Islamophobic hate movement in Britain.

I don't know about pig heads, but if glass bottles were thrown, I am sure it was not by the marchers. More likely the missile weapons came from the "antifa" (i.e., the Fascists), or the marchers' response to the Fascists' attack.

Before the June march, Robinson alerted the police and requested police presence for about 5000. If Robinson meant to cause trouble, why would they call for police protection in advance? Robinson and the police are not on friendly terms.

Dahlu "explains" her rancor:

In this context, the Robinson interview illustrates the double standards in the response to Isis-type terrorist attacks versus far right/fascist terrorist attacks. Good Morning Britain would rightly not dream of inviting someone claiming to be an Isis supporter a day after the London Bridge, Manchester or Westminster terrorist attacks. Unfortunately the equivalent was deemed appropriate after the attack in Finsbury Park.

This is ridiculous. If any double standard exists, it is completely lopsided in favor of Moslems. The major media may not invite official ISIS spokesman, but they invite so-called "moderate Moslems" who spew out justifications for terrorism. These "moderates" claim every attack is a "lone wolf," thus nothing to do with Islam, the so-called religion of peace. (Note: "Islam" does not translate into "peace," but rather into "submission." That's quite a difference.)

Ms. Dahlu claims that Moslem discrimination leads to poverty, thus to extremism; that British bombings in Syria are entirely Britain's fault; and of course, that all Moslems are victims of "backlash." She will tell you that Robinson is a hate monger who does not deserve a platform. She denies that the Qu'ran is filled with verses inciting violence and murder against infidels.

Robinson has been harassed and subjugated to "investigation" for years. Yet the British government has never been able to connect him with any kind of violence or terrorist conspiracy. No matter, they'll get Tommy on a charge of "thought-crime."

Dahlu insists that it is more important to find out what led to Darren Osborn's attack than to bother with the three murderous attacks by radicalized Islamists in the United Kingdom:

When Isis-type terrorist attacks occur, commentators rightly ask what radicalised the monsters that committed these awful terrorist atrocities. The same question must be asked in relation to the Finsbury Park terrorist attack. What made Darren Osborne allegedly commit this heinous crime and say he wanted to kill all Muslims?

Counter-terrorism police must investigate all far right and fascist organisations. But examining far-right and fascist groups is not enough. These groups and prominent individuals in them, did not emerge out of a vacuum. They exist in a political climate where hostility towards Muslims has increased substantially.

Actually, I agree with Mistress Dhalu: We must understand why this has happened. But if we are to do so, let's be honest about it, starting with the magnitude of Moslem murder, which widley outpaces Osborn's single attack.

For years, radical mosques have begotten radicalized Moslems, like the Manchester bomber; well, radicalization works both ways. Is it surprising that after three horrific Moslem massacres, one anti-Moslem might pop up?

What is the commonality between the five radical Islamists and the single anti-Moslem? Radical extremism and the routine use of violence to make "political" points. In all of these incidents, the police seem helpless, hapless, and befuddled what to do; so they do nothing, other than make an arrest. The U.K. is still thinking "crime;" they should be thinking "war."

Did authorities conducted predawn search-and-seizure of these terrorist hot beds? Or was it easier and less scary to arrest Tommy Robinson? Again? If "[Darren Osborne] did not emerge out of vacuum," did Salman Abedi? When British citizens feel that the government is doing nothing to protect them, is it so inexplicable that Darren Osbornes start poping up?

Anyone could have seen this coming. Tommy Robinson had been pointing it out for years!

But Ms. Dhalu thinks this attack was the direct result of right wing, anti Moslem comments, and tabloid headlines. She thinks Osborne was radicalized exclusively by Robinson; just lock up Tommy, throw away the key, and all Moslems will magically conform to Western mores.

I was listening to Douglas Murray's speech today. He said that before dismissing Robinson, ask why people like him exist. Murray himself is no fan of Robinson, but Robinson is not the core problem. The real problem is undue deference and bias favoring Moslems, and to a lesser extent other non-Western cultures. For too long, the British authorities have treated Moslems as if they were the Master Race and could do no wrong, while Westerners are bullied and can do no right.

Radicalized Moslems rape, assault, murder, blow up venues, and burn down cities. They're attempting -- successfully -- to replace Western culture with the cultures of Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and other mostly-Moslem countries.

What is the British authority's response? The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, gave citizens the bad news:

Part and parcel of living in a great global city is you’ve got to be prepared for these things [i.e., attacks by radical Islamists], you’ve got to be vigilant, you’ve got to support the police doing an incredibly hard job. We must never accept terrorists being successful, we must never accept that terrorists can destroy our life or destroy the way we lead our lives.

Flowery speech, but what are the authorities doing about it? Given there track record, nothing.

Former Prime Minister, now Conservative Party Leader Theresa May likewise encouraged people to just get on with their everyday, "part and parcel" lives. Nothing to see here, move on!

It is in these actions -- millions of acts of normality -- that we find the best response to terrorism.

Poppycock. The best response isn't to keep a stiff upper lip, but to stop terrorism it in its tracks, by arresting or killing the butchers, infiltrating radical mosques, and treating terrorism as what it is: a war against modernity itself.

Even after the Westminster attack (5 dead, 50 wounded, not counting the murderer), the Manchester bombing (22 dead, 119 wounded, not counting the murderer), and the London Bridge attack (8 dead, 48 wounded, not counting the murderers) -- and all within three months! -- people are still not allowed to speak the truth about the savagery of radical Islam, for fear of being accused of "Islamaphobia." For in today's United Kingdom, freedom of speech itself is a crime, leading to a "gaol" sentence. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

(Whiny college brats in America chant "free speech is hate speech!" Does that mean that Fascist speech is rightous speech? Maybe we should just stick to "four legs good, two legs bad!")

Darren Osborn did not need to be told by Tommy Robinson or any other "right wing extremist" to know that radical Islamism is deadly. If anyone is responsible for his radicalization, it's the British government's failure to protect its own citizens against Moslem terrorism. Britain and Europe are engulfed in the same existential war, all stemming from one imperative: Islam's drive to rule the world, hurling it back in time to the 7th century.

Choose wisely.

The following is the Rebel's account of Robinson led "march against hate." Tommy Robison works for the Rebel UK.

Tommy Robinson leads thousands in Manchester “march against hate” — and police, media call them “thugs”

The Rebel has never had a gathering like Tommy Robinson’s march in Manchester yesterday: Thousands of people united against the hate that fuels terrorism.


Our peaceful march was a joint event with Gays Against Sharia. There were also black speakers, ex-Muslim speakers, and Mohan Singh, the Sikh leader.

Tommy and his team were in touch with police, telling them our plans, including our estimates for turn-out: At least 2,000 people, perhaps as high as 5,000.

So in the morning, Tommy went for one last check with the police, and was shocked at what he found:

The police were only planning for 250 people.

And even more bizarrely, the police were literally stationing Antifa radicals along our march route, making our marchers pass through a gauntlet of abuse and perhaps violence.


So, for example, police used anti-riot tactics on our Rebel audience, even before the march started, by “kettling” them under a bridge.

It was the biggest thing in Manchester that day, but not a single British TV station or newspaper covered the speeches. That said, some news outlets tweeted about it, along with the mayor, and they got even the most basic facts wrong.

Even the police tweeted insults.

Hatched by Sachi on this day, June 26, 2017, at the time of 5:21 PM


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