December 15, 2008

UnAmerican Inactivities

Hatched by Dafydd

How long would any Republican governor (president, senator, representative, executive chef) have lasted -- after saying this?

Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) said it was "un-American" for senators to have voted against approving a bailout of troubled automakers last night, saying their vote may cause a recession to become a depression.

"It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression," Granholm said during a radio interview Friday morning.

I have sat, sardonically amused, for several days now, listening for the fall of the hammer; it never fell, of course, for "no enemies to the left" is still the rule, not the exception. That which would have slain the career of anybody to the right of Senate Majority Leader Harry "Pinky" Reid (D-Caesar's Palace, 85%), when sounded by Ms. Granholm, was not even worth a finger wag.

Here's some more deep analysis from the junior demagogue of Michigan:

“It is such an unbelievable stab at workers across the country,” Granholm added. “You give this big bailout to these financial institutions -- don’t ask a single question, they can do what they want -- and then you lay the blame for the auto industry, which is a victim of this financial meltdown, on the backs of the people who are working on the line.”

I apologize for my mirth, but I find this sort of over-the-top McCarthyism frankly hilarious. Evidently, it's a red herring of the most colossal measurement to suggest that the "auto industry" itself (by which she means GM and Chrysler, not Nissan, Honda, or BMW) -- by its feckless devil-bargaining with the United Auto Workers union, its out of control pension and benefits plan, and its paucity of imagination or creativity in designing cars -- shares any of the blame in its own economic woe. Worse than a false accusation, the argument is proof of unAmericanism!

But I seem to recall this is a common leitmotif among lefties; they sling about that "anti-Americanism" or "unAmerican" charge like casting pearls before journalists. I wonder whether the real beef Democrats had with the original Joseph McCarthy was not demagoguery.. but violation of the Democrats' intellectual property rights to that particular false accusation.

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, December 15, 2008, at the time of 4:11 AM

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The following hissed in response by: MarkJM

Surely you jest! It has become abundantly clear that Democrats are absolved of responsibility from all statements, actions and laws. They have no values, morals, ethics nor standards; therefore cannot be held accountable for anything they do, say or cause. The only exception appears to be when their statements/activities may implicate 'the One'. Then the hammer (and sickle) come down hard.

The above hissed in response by: MarkJM [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 15, 2008 10:02 AM

The following hissed in response by: dasbow

A victim of this financial meltdown? Good Lord - GM's been losing money for years.

The above hissed in response by: dasbow [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 15, 2008 11:17 AM

The following hissed in response by: Dick E


You obviously don’t understand left-wing victimology: If we hadn’t gone into recession/depression, GM could have continued to lose money for another year or two before the inevitable overtook them.

The above hissed in response by: Dick E [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 15, 2008 4:52 PM

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