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The first movie review by Dafydd is up, and it's big... about twenty-five feet tall, in fact.

The greatest ape of them all gets the Peter Jackson treatment -- and now Jackson gets the Big Lizards treatment (and he probably doesn't like it one bit). Future reviews will appear as they are written (or cribbed from unsuspecting Big Lizards interns).

Be the first to read the first -- King Kong Died For Your Sins!

As future reviews are added, they will be linked from the Dragon's Eye Movie Review page: Dragon's Eye.


It's here!

For the first time in more than twenty-five years, the quarter part of a century, Brad Linaweaver's infamous bad-movie review series Der Krapp is now available for perusal!

  • The rise and fall of Bela Lugosi!
  • The mad, sci-fi world of Robot Monster!
  • A five-part series on Big Lizards in the movies!
  • And more, more, more!

Der Krapp Boxed Set Number 1 comprises seventeen brilliantly demented commentaries (confusingly numbered 1 through 16 with two number 11's) on the most dementedly brilliant cinema ever to be produced on a budget of $850 -- plus whatever the director could get by selling his spinal fluid. Not a word of this has been available in decades, we bring it to you NOW in living Yecch-nicolor!

Read Der Krapp -- and relive the worst moments of your movie-going life!


At the moment, many things in this site are still under construction, except for the blog... which you can reach by clicking the word "Blog" in the navigation bar up top, as you might expect.

Please enjoy the blog while you wait with breathless breath and baited hook for the rest of this fershlugginer web site. It really will be coolsomeness personified, the very apex of intelligent web design, when it's done. I promise.

As you might guess from the page title, it will comprise everything movie related. Brad Linaweaver in particular has reviewed too many movies to count (and not enough movies that do count). His long-running series Der Krapp, in which he surveys the best worthless horror movies ever churned out of the sausage-mill of Hollywood, has been unavailable for a quarter of a century. But it will shortly be available here, in its entirety -- from the first column on Bela Lugosi in 1978 to "The Long Awaited Return of Der Krapp" in 1994 -- whenever that slacker, Dafydd ab Hugh, gets off his lazy glutes and finishes converting it to XHTML from its original cuniform tablets.

But besides all that crap -- sorry, Der Krapp -- there is also a Linaweaver/ab Hugh project currently being considered by a number of publishers (provided you understand that 1 is a number, as is zero) that will do for Leftist movies what the Medveds' Golden Turkey Awards did for Robot Monster and Egah: namely, treat them with all the respect and reverence they deserve! As installments are completed, they will be posted here... at least until we get a real contract from somebody with money in his pocket (that can be directed into our pockets).

Finally, Brad will contribute reviews of contemporary movies that have a political or a science-fictional theme whenever he can be guilt-tripped into actually working, as opposed to rolling around in the hundreds of millions of dollars he inherited under suspicious circumstances. And Dafydd will write something whenever threatened.

So check back often. There will be announcements in the blog as different parts of the site come online. Spread the word!