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The third and fourth hissings of Dafydd ab Hugh's column, the Lizard's Tongue, are now up:

In "Who Are We Fighting For Anyway?", the third hissing, Dafydd asks the question: "There is an old saying that America is the champion of freedom everywhere but guardian only of our own. The thought might occur to many that we seem to be guarding the freedom of an awful lot of other people lately -- should we be?"

And in the fourth hissing, "Are We Really at War With All Islam?", the energetic Dafydd analyzes what it would really mean were we to be "at total war with all Islam," as some voices in America have called for; the results, he concludes, would be dire if we won -- and intolerable if we lost.

You can grab these newest hissings while they're cold-blooded by clicking on 3 Fighting For Whom? or 4 At War With All Islam? from the drop-down Lizard's Tongue menu at the right.

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The second hissing of Dafydd ab Hugh's column, the Lizard's Tongue, "This Bloody Fight's Been Rigged!" can now be gobbled up by selecting 2 Bennett Attack Staged? from the drop-down Column menu on the right (not the general Articles menu). Much as I deplore the vicious lies spread by the left to try to discredit the brilliant and very decent William Bennett, I just cannot agree with Todd Manzi of Human Events that the swarm attack was "staged."

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The first installment of Dafydd ab Hugh's column, the Lizard's Tongue, is now available through the drop-down menu at the right, under columns. The first entry is titled "the Great Civilizer," and it argues that in general, women civilize men, while men encourage women to be more assertive and competitive. Both need the other... and it is in society's extreme interest to promote the union of male and female to create a family that is greater than either sex by itself.

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Please enjoy the blog while you wait with breathless breath and baited hook for the rest of this fershlugginer web site. It really will be coolsomeness personified, the very apex of intelligent web design, when it's done. I promise.

This page will contain articles. I know this comes as a shock, considering the misleading title. But there you have it; the page title was Brad Linaweaver's idea, and goys will be goys.

Brad in particular writes a large number of articles each year. In fact, each week. If you laid them all end to end underneath the Pacific Ocean from California to Japan, we would all stand and applaud. His three subjects are invariably movies, politics, and science fiction. (Actually, he has only written a single article, about political science-fiction movies; but he is unusually skilled at rewriting it for scores of different markets every twelvemonth.) For some unfathomable reason, his deathless rhetoric has appeared in National Review, Chronicles, the Libertarian Party National News, and a number of book reviews for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in which he is best known for being the first to predict that Tom Clancy would never get off the ground, being much heavier than air.

More recently, he has been reduced to bartering movie maunderings to Cult Movies in exchange for production stills, effluvia from Brad Pitt's high-school years, the rest of the editor's chicken-salad sandwich, and Elsa "Bride of Frankenstein" Lanchester's home telephone number (out of service since 1986).

Dafydd ab Hugh, by contrast, has written only a couple of articles, doesn't have any woman's home phone number (including his wife Sachi's) -- and the only effluvia he owns is the marital bed of Vincent Price and Coral Brown. He will undertake to write a continuing political column, posted here, called the Lizard's Tongue.

So check back often. There will be announcements in the blog as different parts of the site come online. Spread the word!