May 11, 2009

Does Dick Cheney (or Someone on His Staff) Read Big Lizards?

Hatched by Dafydd

I would be thrilled to discover such a connection to the Dick and powerful. Yet something I just read on my favorite blog -- Power Line, not Big Lizards! -- truly makes me wonder...

In a recent Johnblog, Mr. Hinderaker quoted an interview with former Vice President Cheney on Debase the Nation:

It was a time of great concern, and we put in place some very good policies, and they worked, for eight years. Now we have an administration that's come to power that has been critical of the programs, but not only that, there's been talk about prosecuting the lawyers in the Justice Department who gave us the opinions that we operated in accordance with, or referring them to the Bar Association for disbarment or sanctions of some kind, or possibly cooperating with foreign governments that are interested in trying to prosecute American officials, those same officials who were responsible for defending this nation for the last eight years.

I purse my lips and suck on my teeth. Where did Dick Cheney get that last point? I don't recall him mentioning it before now.

That casually creepy bombshell -- Attorney General Eric Holder suggesting that "the United States could cooperate with a foreign court's investigation of Bush administration officials" -- came from a couple of paragraphs buried in an obscure AP article discussing a press conference that Holder held, which was mostly devoted to his efforts to bribe our allies to accept a handful of released detainees from the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility.

So far as I know, until I posted about it, nobody else had picked up on Holder's rather shocking trial balloon. When I posted it, I e-mailed some other (bigger, importanter) blogs, and a couple of them linked us and mentioned the quote; Power Line and Captain Ed at Hot Air spring to mind.

[What does it take to be invited to blog at Hot Air, and get that five-figure salary, anyway? Offer me some of that long green, and I'd dump this site in a New York minuet!]

Of course, it's possible that someone in Cheney's office read the Power Line or Captain Ed post; but even so, that would still make me feel good: As long as word gets out -- Holder hinting that he might help a Spanish court, which has granted itself "universal jurisdiction," prosecute American officials for implementing policy that is perfectly legal under American law -- I don't care who gets the credit. (Pfui, who am I fooling? Of course I care; I just care a great deal more that the scandal does actually get out!)

The third possibility is that someone in Cheney's office read the same story I did, but it just took eleven days to percolate up to the former veep himself. But that strikes me as implausible: I say, it must ultimately have come from Big Lizards, because it would be so wonderful if it ultimately came from Big Lizards! There, you can't get any more conclusive than that.

So nobody tell me that all my years of blogging have been in vain. It may be true -- but for God's sake, don't nobody tell me!

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, May 11, 2009, at the time of 2:21 PM

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The following hissed in response by: Necromancer

it's probably true Mr.Lizard. There was a show on one of the discovery channels or maybe history channel the other night about 6 degrees of seperation.Very interesting. And this is true. I personally met Mr. Rooney owner of the Pittsburg Steelers 30 plus years ago and Vince Lombardi was a personal friend of my father back in the 50's before the Packers became famous. Oh yea and I also played sandlot football with Randy Beisler who played for the Eagles and then the 49's.One more item. I was in ITR at Camp Geiger in NC. with Richard Rusk the son of Dean Rusk in the 60's.
"Semper Fi"

The above hissed in response by: Necromancer [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 11, 2009 7:54 PM

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