November 17, 2005

Big Lizards Courts Vice Investigation!

Hatched by Dafydd

After reading this --

Bottom line, the Democratic enthusiasm should really be muted because right now the most likely '06 result is the Dems pick up a handful of House seats and 1-3 Senate seats. That still leaves the GOP in control of Congress, and when we look ahead to 2008 I would at this (very early) time rate McCain as the front runner. And if McCain is the Republican nominee he will win 40+ states for the GOP and carry in a stronger Republican Congress.

-- here, on the RealClearPolitics blog, I sent this to John McIntyre:

I don't know enough about the House to handicap it; but I will bet you $20, even odds, that the GOP loses not a single net seat in the Senate in the 2006 election... that at the very worst, we wind up with the same 55-44-1 split we have right now. (Actually, I believe we'll gain a couple; but the bet is only that we don't lose any net seats.)

I will let you know whether (a) John responds, (b) he's willing to yield to the temptation of demon gambling (hey, if it's good enough for Bill Bennett, it's good enough for me!), and (c) whether he's willing to put his money where his blog is!

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, November 17, 2005, at the time of 5:12 PM

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