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September 16, 2005

First official post....

Welcome to Big Lizards!
Hatched by Dafydd

...and a huge thank you to all you folks hardy enough to slog though so many entries up to this point!

Well the day you thought (and hoped and prayed) would never come has arrived. Consider this the official cocktail party for the debut of California's premier new site for incisive observation, decisive opinion-mongering, and obsessive-compulsive blogging behavior: Welcome to Big Lizards!

My name is Dafydd ab Hugh, and I might not be completely unknown to some of you. I guest blogged on Patterico's Pontifications (thirty-three posts) and Captain's Quarters (fifty-one posts), which were collectively seen by about sixty-four thousand distinct readers, I would guesstimate. So the eight visitors a day I'm likely to get here at Big Lizards might include a couple who have actually read those posts whose subjects inexplicably began "Dafydd: ". (I hope you two aren't the ones who kept sending comments asking why Captain Ed was always blogging about some weird "resort" called Dafydd...!) I will, in fact, be reposting some of those scaley, old classics; the primary category, oddly enough, will be Scaley Classics.

I've also sold over 1.8 million books; so my name, at least, might be familiar.

By the way, the name Dafydd ab Hugh is Welsh, not Arabic; and no, before you ask, I don't speak a word of Cymric. Well, one word, I guess, and the last sentence just exhausted my Cymric vocabulary (assuming I even used it correctly).

For full disclosure, for the two or three of you who don't already know and haven't already factored it into your wary responses, I am a libertarian-conservative, anarcho-capitalist, erstwhile Discordian, secular, Darwinian, politically non-Euclidean science-fiction and fantasy writer. I've published eighteen novels: some Star Trek novels, the four Doom videogame-related novels (co-authored with Brad Linaweaver, my partner in obscurantism on this website, though not too much on this blog page), a trilogy of young-adult adventure novels (the Swept Away series from HarperYA), and some other science fiction and fantasy. For those idiots like me who enjoy lists, I'll stick a complete bibliography of my book publications at the end of this interminable first post.

I started as a pro-techology, pro-science secular conservative; a brief stint in the Navy made me into an anarchist. Then repeated contact with liberals and lefties -- they infest my professional organization, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- wrenched me back around to... well, I'm not a conservative, but I caucus with them. Think of me as the polar opposite of Bernie Sanders, the unspeakable Socialist representative from Vermont who caucuses with the Democrats. I support the war against militant Islamism in all its glory, especially including the Iraq War (and hoping for an upcoming war with Iran!); I want lower taxes, a fully privatized Social Security ("fully" as in 100%, not the measley fraction President Bush proposed); and even though I'm a Jewish agnostic, not a Christian agnostic, I applaud the fact that America is a Christian nation, and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

But I believe strongly in contemporary theories about evolution. I also support nearly absolute drug legalization, the only exception being antibiotics, because stupid misuse of antibiotics breeds super-resistent bacteria that will kill the rest of us. I support nearly absolute gun legalization (of purchase, ownership, and concealed carry; open carry is an invitation to a duel, however).

And this is the one and only time I will run through this litany. This is the only post that will ever have this category, so you can always refer back if you forget where I stand on one of these issues (assuming you care). Forewarned is forlorned.

I am not a lawyer, though I sometimes play one, to the irritation or hysteria of real lawyers when I get everything wrongwards. My degrees are in math, which is why I'm a writer.

As for the rest of my crackpottery... read on! And on, and on, and on.

Novel Bibliography for Dafydd ab Hugh (publication date and publisher in parentheses):

  1. Heroing (Baen 1987)

  2. Warriorwards (Baen 1990)

  3. Fallen Heroes - Star Trek DS9 #5 (Pocket 1994)

  4. Arthur War Lord (part I) (AvoNova 1994)

  5. Far Beyond the Wave (part 2) (AvoNova 1994)

  6. Doom 1 - Knee-Deep In the Dead, co-author Brad Linaweaver (Pocket 1995)

  7. Doom 2 - Hell On Earth, co-author Brad Linaweaver (Pocket 1995)

  8. Doom 3 - Infernal Sky, co-author Brad Linaweaver (Pocket 1996)

  9. Doom 4 - Endgame, co-author Brad Linaweaver (Pocket 1996)

  10. Balance of Power - Star Trek NextGen #33 (Pocket 1996)

  11. Swept Away (HarperYA 1996)

  12. Swept Away - the Mountain (HarperYA 1996)

  13. Swept Away - the Pit (HarperYA 1996)

  14. The Final Fury - Star Trek Invasion book 4 - Star Trek Voyager #9 (Pocket 1996)

  15. Vengeance - Star Trek DS9 #22 (Pocket 1998)

  16. Rebels book 1 - Star Trek DS9 #24 (Pocket 1999)

  17. Rebels book 2 - Star Trek DS9 #25 (Pocket 1999)

  18. Rebels book 3 - Star Trek DS9 #26 (Pocket 1999)

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