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July 9, 2006

I Decided Not to Liveblog My Sister's Nuptials...

Family Obs
Hatched by Dafydd

But I did take lots of pictures of the wedding -- and also of the brushfire that broke out atop the hill overlooking the festivities, necessitating a swift response by local smoke-jumpers and water drops and such. I snapped a great series of shots of one huge water drop.

On the minus side, Big Lizards had lent out its only digital camera to our foreign correspondent, Dewey, and she is away to Australia; thus, our pictures are actual 35mm filmic prints, accompanied by jpegs or somesuch on a disk, which we won't have back for a few days.

When we have them in hand, I'll find the best few and post them here under the header "a Hot and Sultry Hitching," unless I think of a better title. Suffice to say for now that we've finally gotten our sister off our hands, and about time, too. Now let's hope Julie and Aaron quickly get busy on the next phase of Operation Generational Replacement.

(My sister Julie was frantic enough with the whole wedding thing that we decided -- get this -- not to tell her that the hilltop was ablaze until after the ceremony. You'd think she would have noticed all the smoke, flames, and helicopters... but I'll tell the whole story in a few planetary rotations.)

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