October 30, 2013

GOP Abnormal Normalcy

Hatched by Dafydd

Something just occurred to me anent the recent past of Republicans and elections:

  • Ronald Reagan came across as a normal guy; he was elected twice.
  • George H.W. Bush came across as a bit of an elitist, but Reagan's coattails pulled him through; however, he continued acting like a peevish aristo, and he lost his reelection.
  • Blob Dole came across as a decrepit, out of touch blowhard; he lost his election.
  • George W. Bush came across as a normal guy; he was elected twice.
  • John "Crankshaft" McCain came across as a hectoring ancient mariner who boiled over at the slightest provocation, perpetually angry and moody; he lost his election.
  • Mitt Romney came across as a plutocrat who didn't even know what ordinary people's lives were like, and he had a scary religion to boot; he lost his election.

(For what it may be worth, Democrat voters don't seem to mind voting for weirdos, perverts, and congenital liars who can't keep their fibs straight. The Left seems drawn to "cool" candidates.)

Looks to me like whenever the GOP nominee is a normal guy, we win. When the GOP nominee is a peevish primo don, a weirdo, or an American aristocrat more comfortable in Versailles than Virginia, we lose.

This revelation might have some relevance going forward.

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, October 30, 2013, at the time of 1:45 AM


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You say:
Mitt Romney came across as a plutocrat

but this was a guy who got roasted for driving the family in a station wagon.

Is it really fair to say he came across as a plutocrat
or is it more likely that His religion and his support of government Healthcare made him not trustworthy?

And why can Harry Reid be Mormon, and that is ok, but Mitt Romney can't? Because the Demos used Mormon against the Republican base, to depress numbers. No Dem voter believes Harry Reid believes in God, so what difference does it make what he calls himself. Kinda like San-Fran-Nan and Kenney calling themselves Catholic.

He was portrayed as a plutocrat by the MSM, and he was never able to change their message, regardless of how normal he was, or the how many times there was an occasional story about how he made pancakes on the weekends for his kids.

The Problem for Republicans is that they have little control of their narrative.

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