September 25, 2012

If There Was Ever Any Room For Doubt...

Hatched by Korso

...our Senate majority leader Harry Reid really is a pathetic little twerp:

"He’s coming to a state where there are a lot of members of the LDS Church," Reid said in advance of [Mitt] Romney’s Friday visit to Nevada. "They understand that he is not the face of Mormonism."

Said the man who built his fortunes on shady real estate deals and peddling influence as a member of Congress. The story goes on:

Reid, the highest-ranking Mormon in elected office in America, noted on Friday a recent opinion piece published in the Huffington Post by Gregory A. Prince, co-author of "David O. McKay and the Rise of Modern Mormonism."

"He said that Romney has sullied the religion that he, Prince and Romney share," Reid said.

Being accused of sullying religion by Harry Reid is rather like being castigated by Madonna for not being a virgin. Considering his bearing of false witness against Mitt Romney over the man's taxes, I'd recommend re-reading of the Ten Commandments before sitting in judgement on anyone.

Hatched by Korso on this day, September 25, 2012, at the time of 2:38 PM


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