October 28, 2011

More Kwick Kicks...

Hatched by Dafydd

This is the kind of title I use for little blogic squibs, too short to compose an entire blogpost but too long for Twitter. (That is, even if I used Twitter, which I don't, so I ain't.)

Income inequality

Here's a quiz. Assume you are in the bottom quintile of income; which of the follow two scenarios would you prefer?

  1. The income of the top earners in the country drops markedly, while your own income remains steady, thus dramatically shrinking the "income gap."
  2. The income of the top earners doubles, while your own income only increases by 25%, thus increasing the income gap between you and the fat cats.

If you answer (a), then I think we've discovered why you're in the bottom quintile in the first place!

Evolutionary rejectionism

Conservatives generally don't believe atheists who say God doesn't exist. So why do so many conservatives turn around and believe those selfsame atheists when they say that accepting evolution requires you to believe God doesn't exist?

Isn't that akin to PETA's argument that, if you reject the idea that animals have souls, then you must immediately begin torturing animals?

Iraq insanity

Speaking of lightswitch thinking, either we drop everything and yank all troops out of Iraq immediately, regardless of consequences -- or we remain in Iraq unto the end of days as imperial occupiers!

Good golly, Miss Folly; I can't even imagine a single alternative policy... can you?

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, October 28, 2011, at the time of 12:20 AM


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