April 16, 2009

Attended a Local Mad Tea Party

Hatched by Dafydd

Actually, nobody appeared to be mad except for one alter kacher Obama defender (mad in both senses): When a speaker rhetorically demanded to know why bankrupting the country with a senseless spending spree is a good response to a recession, this angry, old gentleman bellowed out, "Because it worked before! In 1933! In the Great Depression! Google it!"

I asked if he could remind me -- how long after 1933 did the depression grind on, before World War II finally ended it? But answer came there none, to quote Lewis Carroll; in all fairness, Mr. Obamoid was already beetling off, perhaps frightened of such a large (300+) mob of "rightwing extremists," and he may not have heard me.

Whoops, let me back up and dress the stage. This afternoon, I drove to the nearest Tea Party, which happened to be in front of the Glendale (California) City Hall. I brought my camera along, so I shall have a nice series of photos to post in this space this evening, as soon as I finish smalling them down (they start at about 2-3 Mb, and I pare them down to about 30K-50K). Until then, keep watching the skies...

The first batch of pics

I didn't take many crowd shots; this gives you a general idea of the size of the mob. I guessed about 300 people present, but I'm not a police crowd-size estimator:


A bit of the scrum

The red lines dramatically dropping in the latter half of the chart are the projections of Barack H. Obama's deficits, of course. This has been making the rounds:

Deficit chart

This deficit chart was ubiquitous at tea parties.

There were a number of cute, hand-made signs; here's one:

Change and taxes

Under Obama, the only thing certain is (loose) change and taxes.

The opulent, opalescent City Hall of Glendale, California, which surely must rival the Taj Mahal:

Glendale City Hall

Glendale City Hall

Another great sign -- a play on the signs bums hold up at freeway onramps:

Lower taxes

Cute and pithy

Flags abounded:

What you see if the image is broken

Land of the free -- for a while yet

She had just cut a segment with her cameraman, and they were folding up tent for the day. She was yammering away, just like a normal person... but the moment she caught sight of my camera, out of the corner of her eye, she instantly turned and beamed this perfect set of incisors at my lens.

Now you know why she is the newsbabe, and I'm just the guy who snapped her photo in my pajamas. (How she got into my pajamas, I'll never know. And don't tell Sachi!)


Newsbabes on the loose!

I don't actually listen to KABC; I think they used to have Larry Elderberry, but he has moved on now.


KABC Talkradio was there.

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, April 16, 2009, at the time of 4:12 AM

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