February 18, 2009

Eric Holder's "Race" to the Bottom

Hatched by Dafydd

According to the Black Attorney General -- I would have simply written Attorney General, but every story in the elite media makes a big point of his blackitude, so I presume we're under orders to take note -- the biggest problem facing America today is that we just don't talk enough about race.

Ergo, we're all cowards on this bus:

In a speech to Justice Department employees marking Black History Month, Holder said the workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives.

"Though this nation has proudly thought of itself as an ethnic melting pot, in things racial we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards," Holder said.

Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion, but "we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race."

I suppose Mr. Holder (did you know he is a black man?) hasn't considered the possibility that we average Americans don't talk much about race because we don't think about race... because we are not racists.

(Or even "racialists," which I'll temporarily define in this post as being obsessed with race to the point that virtually every issue, from the economy to globaloney to opposition to the "stimulus" porkapalooza, is fundamentally about race.)

Race issues continue to be a topic of political discussion, but "we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough with each other about race."

When President Barack H. Obama (the first African-American president) unveils his race initiative, I suppose it's inevitable that he will lean heavily on Gen. Holder... and that means we'll likely have a stunningly new and innovative project: a nation-wide conversation about race!

I know, I know; Bill Clinton (the first African-American president) already had a national conversation about race. But this one will be totally different, because this one will be conducted by an actual African-American black man, rather than a lilly-white "black" man who only got that appellation because he grew up in a broken home, his father deserted him, and he grew up poor and on welfare.

(Is it just me -- or does it seem a little, well, racist to imply that anyone from a socially deprived background is therefore an honorary African American?)

So we'll have yet another national conversation about race, this one focusing on affirmative action for weekends and personal friendships. If that doesn't work, Congress will just have to pass a law, a new "title" for the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that makes it an offense to socialize with overly homogenous groups that do not include the correct quota of blacks, Mexicans, Native Americans, Hmong, and other federally protected (that is, reliably Democratic) ethnic groups. (Japanese, overly religious South Americans, Poles, and especially those Cuban "hystericos" in Miami don't count as minorities.)

I've annotated this next bit from the black Mr. H.; one of those "what he said" vs. "what he's thinking" pieces that makes it easier to understand the new way and what's expected of us in future:

Race, Holder said, "is an issue we have never been at ease with [except, of course, in the South, where everyone has a much higher NTF than in Manhattan, New England, San Francisco, and Hollywood, none of which allow blacks to live there] and, given our nation's history [as the most viciously racist country on the planet], this is in some ways understandable... If we are to make progress [enact racial quotas that reach into every nook and cranny of human interaction, from friendship to dating to marriage to mindless one-night stands] in this area, we must feel comfortable enough with one another and tolerant enough of each other [except for conservatives, of course, and anybody else who insists who insists upon judging people by the content of their character, rather than by the color of their skin] to have frank conversations [finger-wagging lectures] about the racial matters that continue to divide us [Democrat from Republican]."

So all you white people (who aren't black), and all you black and Hispanic conservatives (who aren't authentic), should begin practicing your public self-criticism confessions; you're going to need them. Probably by law.

In a country founded by slave owners, race has bedeviled the nation throughout its history, with blacks denied the right to vote just a few decades ago. Obama's triumph last November as well as the nomination of Holder stand as historic achievements of two black Americans.

Did I neglect to mention that Obama and Holder are black? My bad.

Even when people mix at the workplace or afterwork social events, Holder argued, many Americans in their free time are still segregated inside what he called "race-protected cocoons."

Gen. Holder is bemoaning the lack of mixed-race marriages, I suppose. I'll have to ask Sachi about it.

"Saturdays and Sundays, America in the year 2009 does not in some ways differ significantly from the country that existed almost 50 years ago. This is truly sad," said Holder.

You know, I think Eric Holder (he's black, you know) has a point here: I've noticed that all the restaurants in my neighborhood segregate their bathrooms on the week-end; and on Saturday and Sunday, non-whites must sit at the back of the bus.

I suppose the new new national conversation about race is just the extension of Obamic diplomacy to the domestic sphere: All it takes is a nice talking out, and everything will be all right. And now, having resolved America's festering race problem -- on week-ends, we're just like the South under Jim Crow! -- he's off to Gitmo to resolve that dilemma will equal facility:

Holder is headed to Guantanamo Bay early next week to inspect the terrorist detention facility there. Obama has assigned Holder to lead a special task force aimed at closing the site within a year.

Holder's Justice Department will have to decide which suspects to bring to U.S. courts for trial, which to prosecute through the military justice system, and which to send back to their home countries.

See, there's this really simple solution that Republicans are just too blind to see; a few well-spoken words in the right ears will cause Egypt and Jordan and China and Saudi Arabia to take back their al-Qaeda prisoners, talk with them, sing and laugh, and persuade them that it's wrong to take out their understandable and righteous anger by beheading random Western men, women and children.

And Holder -- after holding a national conversation about classified intelligence information -- will then be able to proceed to trials of terrorist detainees in ordinary civilian courts, without fear of technical acquittals because the intelligence community refuses produce all its top-secret intel in court for the al-Qaeda lawyers to pore over. (Of course, CIA Director Leon Panetta -- he's not black, unless he has become black recently -- will probably just hand it all over anyway. Without preconditions.)

Golly, but I'm glad we elected a change-agent lightbringer who brings new hope for a world without conflict, war, or totalitarianism... or at least no totalitarianism of the Right.

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, February 18, 2009, at the time of 11:31 PM

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The following hissed in response by: Karmi

I'm still waiting for someone to explain how Obama was elected, even after he spent 20-years as a member of a racist group.

The above hissed in response by: Karmi [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 19, 2009 5:34 AM

The following hissed in response by: Ken Hahn

It's very simple. Mr Holder is a professional politician and a member of that subset of professional politicians called Democrats. Without 90+% of the black vote, the Democratic Party would quickly become an asterisk in American politics. Democrats and their lapdog media subsidiary will bring up race at every opportunity. They have to. Unless African-Americans are sold on the idea that they are victims of racism, they might begin to actually think about the facts. And that would be a very bad thing for the Eric Holders of the world.

Racism exists. It will never be completely eradicated. Human foolishness is too great for that. Race baiters of all types will continue to draw in the ignorant and the stupid. The Sharptons and Dukes will always have idiots that believe them. They have no influence. But Holder needs to keep the pot boiling so his boss can get reelected. So he does.

The above hissed in response by: Ken Hahn [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 19, 2009 9:25 AM

The following hissed in response by: angryinohio

Unfortunatley it is time to finally have a racial discussion in this country.I am ready to accept all apologies from any television writer, movie studio, record label, or any other public figure who has set about to deliberately attack people of caucasian descent. If all the rappers who have sold albums preaching hate and racial violence,( Ice Cube, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Lil Wayne,... just to name a few, or any movie that discrimanates against a whole race of people based on the color of thier skin,( White Man Can't Jump.. try going to a public court and playing ball after that movie... or the superficial way that our beautiful caucasian princesses were illustrated in White Girls... It could have been the terrible acting in that one. How about Mr.Kanye West in Golddigger... Leave your ass for a white girl. Why not just leave your ass for a different girl.. Mr. Quick to point out how much the President of the United States hates black people, because the state of Louisiana refused to accept the fact that they were ill prepared to suffer a category 5 hurricane, and the studies had previously concluded that it would take at least three days to mobilize the support needed to help those poor people in the wake of the terrible storm. So instead of ripping off other peoples lyrics Mr. West how about you go and plagerize a book and really get a clue about what is going on in America. The problem with America is that we.. and by we I mean Americans are no longer supposed to be proud of our individual accomplishments. The really sad truth is their is no such thing as racism in this country. Their are racists to be sure. But in todays world of 24 hour media coverage it is impossible for racism in the form of holding back a whole race to exist. Now their is a theory of reverse racism... Which is one of the dumbest theories that I have ever heard. It is totally acceptable for a person of color to shout at the top of his lungs about the evils of white people. It is ok to sell records, or other forms of entertainment.. but it is ok because we have accepted it.The caucasians in this country have been taught to hate themselves. Let me sum up a current American History class for you... A bunch of crazy ass religous crazies left Europe... stopped by Africa and stole some people... Came to America and stole the Native Peoples land... and then they had a war to free them people... then Martin Luther King was shot... and now we have a black president... What about Malcolm X? Did he not teach African Americans to abhor welfare. Did he not preach that self sufficiency was the only way that Blacks and Whites could coexist.But welfare is more addictive than any drug... Wasn't the Old Dirty Bastard still collecting food stamps when he was a multi-platinum rapper. Its alot easier to peddle submissiveness in the form of social services and get reelected. then it is to take a stand like Malcolm.. who was killed by a black man I believe. So to sum it up.. I am ready to move on and deal with the real issues in this country...not the imagined ones.... is anyone else brave enough?

The above hissed in response by: angryinohio [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 20, 2009 8:18 PM

The following hissed in response by: Geoman

What we need is to discontinue our never ending and pointless conversation about race. First of all, it is not a conversation, it is a lecture. Second, I'll bet a fair sized number of people who voted for Obama were hoping for that change.

The above hissed in response by: Geoman [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 22, 2009 10:20 AM

The following hissed in response by: Geoman

Actually, I take that back. I would love to discuss race, but lets talk about all the things we never discuss:

1) When will affirmative action end? Is it a racist policy? How can it not be an inherently racist policy?

2) What value is "diversity"? Is it more important than other values? Who says? Doesn't celebrating diversity emphasize our differences rather than bring us together?

3) Let's discuss African American racism towards Jews, or Hispanics. It is well documented.

4) Doesn't the success of African immigrants, and an African American president, attorney general, secretary of state, etc, etc, put a lie to the concept of racism in America? If true, what does this say about those who insist on continued conversations about race? What is their goal and objective, if not to separate us?

5) Why do we have Martin Luther King day, but our presidents celebrate together? Was he greater than Lincoln? Washington? Heck, Kennedy? Why do we celebrate Black history MONTH? What about Hispanic history or Asian history? Why not American Indian history?

6) Why are white country clubs bad, but the congressional black caucus good? Why is it not odd that a group of congressmen publicly collude to twist the law to specifically benefit their race?

7) What parts of African American culture are good, and which are troubling, or even damaging?

Eh. It'll never happen.

The above hissed in response by: Geoman [TypeKey Profile Page] at February 23, 2009 12:18 PM

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