July 31, 2008

Obama Campaign Selects Final Campaign Song

Hatched by Dafydd

According to the International Herald Tribune, the Barack H. Obama campaign has finally selected its campaign song for the post-convention final stretch* up through the election on November 4th.

The song is intended to highlight recent Obama campaign themes debuted during the Obama Presidential Victory Lap through Iraq, Jordan, Israel, the Italian Riviera, Monte Carlo, and the Tour de France, and at the recent Unity Conference 2008, where the candidate spoke eloquently on global warming and the art of auto maintenance.

The new song replaces "Ready to Believe," which Obama has been abusing since February. The campaign released a video of the new song to YouTube. (For some obscure reason, Big Lizards is actually first with this scoop... all the other blogs must be snoozin'!)

Anyway, here is the song, such as it is:



* Though we hear through the grapevine they may hold off on this one until Guy Fawkes Day.

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, July 31, 2008, at the time of 4:39 PM

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