January 23, 2008

Our Lyin' Eyes

Hatched by Dave Ross

Let's say that you're Bill Clinton. And then let's say that you're telling lies. But I repeat myself (Mark Twain, forgive me!).

The Clintons, most particularly the First Laddie in waiting, are not strangers to mendacity; but Bill has always brought a certain elan to the process. He reminds me of the husband who, when caught in flagrante delicto with another woman, demands of his wife, "Do you believe me, or your lyin' eyes?"

Bill's special talent is that he actually believes his lies while he's spinning them. In the real world we call people who can do this sociopaths. In Washington D.C. they call them statesmen.

The MVPs in the statesmen department can look at reporters, tell an obvious lie, and the reporters will stumble off with a glazed look and repeat the lie.

Because Bill has the stature of being the most popular living ex-president, he can get away with saying practically anything about Mrs. Clinton's opponent and reporters will give it serious credence.

"Mr. President, you say that Barack Obama is a pygmy dwarf who sneaks into dog houses and steals their Milkbones. Well, we'll just have to go confront Senator Obama and ask him if he's going to do anything about the fact that his breath smells like kibble."

Or, Obama's history of opposing the Iraq War is "a fairy tale," although he's got the votes to prove it, whereas Senator Clinton opposed the war from the start, even though she voted for it.

The senator from New York is quite capable of making contradictory statements, often within the same paragraph. As was pointed out last week by columnist David Brooks, who noted this one dropped on a Sunday morning news show: "You have a woman running to break the highest and hardest glass ceiling. I don't think either of us wants to inject race or gender in this campaign. We're running as individuals."

Hatched by Dave Ross on this day, January 23, 2008, at the time of 7:18 PM

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The following hissed in response by: MTF

You might have seen this, but just in case you didn't I'll bet you'll agree it captures the dread of another go-around with the Clinton's from which so many of us suffer. It's from the transcript of last nights Hitchens appearance with Hugh Hewitt.


HH: Yup. So Christopher Hitchens, can any of the Republicans beat them, the Clinton-Clinton tag team from hell? Can anyone actually stop this?

CH: Well, I’ve been writing, best I can, to beseech people to think do you want this dysfunctional hillbilly family back in the White House? Do you want this guy back in the Lincoln bedroom, this interminable self-pitying, paranoid demagogue? Do you want the brothers, the Rodham brothers, remember them?

HH: Yup.

CH: Remember the charm of the Rodham, are they twins? I can’t remember.

HH: No.

CH: The bulky brothers who, the friends of Marc Rich, the authors of the Marc Rich pardon, the people who had a, what was it, a beech nut monopoly in Uzbekistan, or something, with these low-rent riff-raff, beseeching favors. She’s never been able to say no to anything they’ve ever asked of her. Do you want a second bite at this cherry? I cannot see how this doesn’t in the end, the reminder that they’re giving of what it’s like, turn into a political question, because here’s the thing, Hugh. I think because of the very tough time the United States has had at home and abroad in the last two years, those of us who thought that the Clinton years would just be an unpleasant memory, something in the rear view mirror a few years back, turned out to be wrong. To many people, including some who don’t remember it that well, the younger voters, it seems like a halcyon period.

HH: Yes, the holiday from history.

The above hissed in response by: MTF [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2008 10:47 AM

The following hissed in response by: AMR

MTF wrote: Or, Obama's history of opposing the Iraq War is "a fairy tale," although he's got the votes to prove it, whereas Senator Clinton opposed the war from the start, even though she voted for it.

Not only did she vote for it, but in a little covered event in New Hampshire, she admitted that she had not read the intelligence leading up to the vote on the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq and thought it was a resolution to force Saddam to allow the inspectors back into Iraq. And she wants to be president!

A Heated Exchange for Hillary


April 14, 2007
ABCNews' Eloise Harper reports: After fielding many questions ranging from mental health care to veteran affairs at a Town Hall Meeting in Hampton, NH, Senator Hillary Clinton received a heated question about Iraq. A woman who had traveled from New York asked Sen. Clinton if she had read the report given to her in 2002 on intelligence and the Iraq war.
Clinton said she had been briefed on the report, and the woman screamed back, "Did you read it?!" Notably uncomfortable, the Senator repeated that she had been briefed. This exchange went back and forth about three times.
The woman sat down and Clinton explained, "If I had known then what I know now, I never would have voted to give this President the authority." Clinton also said she believed she was giving the President the authority to send U.N. inspectors to Iraq.
When Clinton finished the answer, the woman continued to scream but was drowned out by applause for the Senator. The woman was escorted out of the building.

The above hissed in response by: AMR [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 24, 2008 3:27 PM

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