December 11, 2005

Going Downrange

Hatched by Sachi
SEALs of my generation seldom used the term "Vietnam" and never "Nam." We said we were "In Country." Laos and Cambodia were "Up Country." Everything above the DMZ was "the North." The SEALs in Afghanistan and Iraq, the guns in this current fight, simply say they are going downrange--or back downrange.
-- Dick Couch, Down Range

I've been forcusing on the Iraq situation and neglecting our efforts in Afghanistan. Although the situation there is stable, comparatively speaking of course, the war against Jihadi terrorism is still being fought in that South Asian country.

A MilBlogger from Afghanistan, Going Down Range, reports an interesting perspective on the Afghan mindset in a recent post:

I have been working with the Afghans and I have come to the conclusions that most have a complete different set of values. If something does not happen or goes to s**t, it is not somebody’s fault or responsibility. It is “ishmal Allah” or God wills it. It is frustrating and I feel sorry for the interpreters who are stuck in the middle between a US soldier and the Afghan National Army, Police or Border Police. [One explicitive deleted. -- the Mgt.]

I think we often misunderstand what it means to be "religious" in the Islamic world. They may be fanatics, but that does not mean they actually cherish their own religion. They might claim that everything they do is in the name of Allah, but that does not mean thery really believe what they say. Our enemies know how we react to religious sensibility -- so they manipulate our perpetually guilty consciences.

How many times have Americans been accused of violating Islamic sensibilities by attacking Moslem terrorists on one of their hundreds of holy days, or planting our infidel boots in the 617th holiest city in the entire Anbar province? What about the hullabaloo over a single Koran that might have been touched by ungloved infidel hand, or over American soldiers burning the bodies of dead Taliban -- once they became a health hazard? Every time we manage to offend some Moslems somewhere by neglecting to notice one of the thousands of obscure Islamic laws, rituals, traditions, or dietary peculiarities, somehow we are at fault and must apologize.

And yet, Moslem terrorists do this kind of thing all the time... not only to us infidels but to fellow Moslems! The same people who get up in arms about the possibility that one Koran might have been mistreated by an American's hand will tomorrow turn around and attack a Mosque during Ramadan, not only killing a bunch of peolpe but destroying hundreds of Korans in the process.

We actually have no evidence that ordinary Moslems are particularly upset about us killing terrorists and burning their bodies:

Some of the Afghans I talked to said that the Taliban deserved what they got. One mentioned that car bombs are bad and why is the Taliban getting upset? What does a suicide bomber looks like after he perpetrates his evil deed? They blasphemed Islam and put Afghanistan through hell, so it is pay back.

This is an interesting point: when a suicide/homicide bomber detonates his bomb belt, his body (as well as those of his innocent victims) is burnt and destroyed -- thus unfit to be buried.

So, next time some activist or journalist starts flapping his wings about us burning terrorists' bodies for hygienic reasons, or "desecrating" a Koran by picking it up with our bare hands, we would do well to remind them of the four Americans whose bodies were burnt and hung from a bridge in Fallujah -- and quit worrying about the terrorists' feelings.

Hatched by Sachi on this day, December 11, 2005, at the time of 10:22 PM

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The following hissed in response by: KarmiCommunist

Life on Earth is a *LOT* like Life in a Prison and/or ‘Da *SWING* of a Pendulum and/or ‘Da *INTRICACIES* of what should be a rather *SIMPLE* Chess to speak of such ‘Thangs as even simplicity.

i have jumped from planes that were flying so high that i needed oxygen tanks in order to not die from a lack of oxygen.

i have been Downrange, Up Range, and all the places in-between and beyond, and have heard my own Mother weeping late at what!?!

i have worn stripes, badges, and Prison what?

i have been chained to concrete floors, and have put handcuffs on what?!?

Yet, i know nothing of being offered the choice of burning to death in a tall building or jumping to my death from such. i might figure out a way to crawl down the outside, if offered a 3rd choice.

Hermit-Hood works for me...

The above hissed in response by: KarmiCommunist [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 11, 2005 11:41 PM

The following hissed in response by: Eg

...and, if you don't mind my adding Sachi, remember that terrorist’s feelings toward you, infidel, are of such malign nature; at his hands, you’ll think getting your throat-slit as some form of relief.

The above hissed in response by: Eg [TypeKey Profile Page] at December 12, 2005 6:08 AM

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