November 21, 2005

While You Were Sunk In a Stupor...

Hatched by Dafydd

...Beneath the Table at Some Wretched Dive, Re-enacting the Lost Weekend, Starring Ray Miland, Jane Wyman, and Phillip Terry

As is our wont, when we're not lolling in Hawaii, working on a chain gang in Upper Iguana, or otherwise incapacitated, we here at Big Lizards post every Monday the joys and raptures you might have missed, if you're one of those folks who only read blogs during the workweek. And here they are, the posts we posted, the boasts we boasted, the toasts what were toasted, this last weekend!

Joys: Saturday, November 19th, 2005

  • Agnostic Defends Faithful Against Atheist

    In which we take Michael Newdow to the woodshed for his latest ludicrous lawsuit, trying to sue "In God we trust" off'n the coinage and greenbacks, and speculate that this is probably an excellent time for such a lawsuit to be heard by the Supreme Court.

  • If True, So What?

    Wherein we examine the crackpot allegation by a liberal blogger that Michelle Malkin doesn't really write her own blog, that it's in fact ghostwritten by her husband. Hm... could this be the voice of liberalism incredulous that a beautiful, young woman can actually think, as well? My, my!

  • Did GOP Blow Murtha Vote?

    Upon reflection, we herein reject the Power Line thesis that the Republicans blew a golden opportunity to trick masses of Democrats into voting for an immediate pullout from the Iraq war, without regard for consequences. It was more imporant, we muse, to reassure the troops that there was nigh unanimity opposed to the cut-and-run strategy than it was to embarass Nancy Pelosi.

  • Underway: Seasickness

    The first chapter of a new travelogue by Sachi about her recent "underway" testing for the US Navy Aegis system. The test was successful -- and in a break from the secrecy of the past, the Navy itself touted the success on a web site and to the press. This chapter is about the pandemic of "seasickness" among engineers who desperately don't want to spend several weeks incommunicado on a naval ship plying the high seas.

  • Underway: Living Quarters

    And the second chapter of the Underway travelogue, in which Sachi describes the living quarters -- "you call this living?" -- where she stayed in privacy and comfort... surrounded by thirty other gals!

Rapture: Sunday, November 20th, 2005

  • Has Zarqawi's Luck Run Out at Last?

    Where hope springs eternal that this time, unlike the other 966 times, rumors of Musab Zarqawi's death could turn out not to be exaggerated after all. Even as we write these words, we do not yet know -- though la Casa Blanca downplays the possiblility.

See? The best post are always published on the weekend! Disregard them at peril to your immortal soul....

Hatched by Dafydd on this day, November 21, 2005, at the time of 4:17 AM

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The following hissed in response by: KarmiCommunist

i for one was in no "Stupor", and usually post on weekends; however, this 'al-Murtha' crap made me want to lay back before i started collecting tongues for a to speak.

Besides, our Troops and our President need as much of my Karmic Energy as i can send them, especially after such traitorous acts that 'al-Murtha' and his fellow Dems attempted last week, and continue to attempt this week. The time has come for America to reduce the Democrat Party to a level just below the Green Party and Mikey Moore's "abnormally frequent intestinal evacuations with more or less fluid stools".

Think 2006 Elections...


The above hissed in response by: KarmiCommunist [TypeKey Profile Page] at November 21, 2005 3:52 PM

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